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Mclindon Chiropractic Jimboomba offers people Chiropractic Care the  way......well, the way nature intended, and that is, with the understanding, that every 'body'  is different, and that no one approach is going to suit everybody's needs.

Dr Stephen, Dr Amy and Dr Toneya are passionate about chiropractic care for the whole family. Whether it be a spinal complaint or stress and fatigue, the desire to give an infant the best start in life, or an athlete the winning edge, whether you just want work to be less effort or life to be more full of living, You can be very confident that at Mclindon Chiropractic...

"You're in Good Hands"

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Dr. Stephen McLindon graduated from RMIT university in Melbourne Australia in 2006.  Being the fourth member of his family to become a chiropractor, Stephen describes chiropractic as simply 'a way of life'.  He feels very privileged to be a part of a profession that has the potential to heal and offer optimal health using only nature's tools; the practitioners hands and the body's inherent desire to survive free of pain and disease.  Stephen says that his five years studying Chiropractic at college was merely the home run of a lifetime preparing for his chosen career.  "I can remember sorting and colouring my father's study notes when he was studying chiropractic, watching and keenly learning the wholesome and nutritious meals prepared by my mother and being the 'patient' on countless occasions for my other siblings as they studied their medical and chiropractic degrees.

Stephens philosophy is that the state of perfect health is the balanced combination of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  It is with this in mind that he treats the people in his care.  Stephen uses manual adjustive techniques, soft tissue therapy, and numerous gentle and low force approaches to spinal corrective treatment.  He is particularly interested in radiographic analysis and acute low back pain management. 

Stephen is excited to be of assistance to anyone who may seek his care, attentive to those who are presently under his care and grateful to those who have enriched his experience in the past.

Dr Stephen McLindon
B.App Sc., B. Clin Sc. (Chiro)

​​"the state of perfect health is the balanced combination of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness"

Dr. Amy McLindon started her health career in her home country of Canada.  Studying at the University of Western Ontario, she gradutated with Honours in Kinesiology.  Following this, she managed a busy Chiropractic practice in Toronto.  This is where she cemented her desire to become a Chiropractor.  She travelled to Australia and completed her Chiropractic degree at RMIT, Melbourne.  Amy has since pursued a special interest in paediatric Chiropractic.  Amy met Steve at college and was married and had their first child before graduating in 2006. 

Having five young children of her own, Amy knows first-hand the effects of childbirth on babies and the inevitable bumps and tumbles young children experience making them prone to misalignments.  She is passionate about the chiropractic care of expecting mothers, infants and children.  Helping a newborn to comfortably feed, an infant to sleep through the night and a young child to improve their continence through chiropractic care is just some of the joys she shares with mothers.  

Amy also specialises in the care of expecting mothers as their bodies rapidly change through the stages of pregnancy.  Amy advocates that a child's journey really starts with an optimal position in the womb and a healthy mother.  Amy is excited about the experiences she shares with these families, and looks forward to those she has yet to meet and to help. 


Dr Amy McLindon
B.App Sc., B. Clin Sc. (Chiro)
B. Kinesiology (Hons)
​​ "a child's journey really starts with an optimal position in the womb and a healthy mother".
Dr. Toneya Hywood first experienced the life changing benefits of chiropractic in her late teens, when upon the suggestion of a family friend, she sought chiropractic care for the relief of chronic severe headaches.  After relief of her symptoms Toneya was inspired to share this experience with others, and so started the journey of a career in Chiropractic.

Graduating from RMIT University, Toneya achieved a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction.  She has enhanced her clinical skill-set with further  study in Sacral-Occipital Technique, Activator Methods, SD Protocol, Yoga and rehabilitative and preventative Rock-taping.

Through her own experiences and with a particular interest in the nervous system's response to everyday physical and mental demands, Toneya focuses her clinical efforts in combating what she considers one of our society's biggest health concerns, "The Epidemic of Stress".  Headaches, fatigue, anxiety, digestive and hormonal issues, poor sleeping habits and pain are not just symptoms to be managed, but rather a body's attempt to raise awareness of underlying dysfunction. Toneya's goal is to equip her patients with the knowledge and therapeutic assistance required to regain control of their health and wellbeing.

She uses manual adjustments, soft tissue and low force techniques as well as stretches and exercises to improve posture and facilitate nervous system optimisation.  Toneya advises stress management techniques and nutritional supplementation.

We are very excited to have Dr. Toneya join the team at McLindon Chiropractic and we are  confident that her skills and caring personality will be a welcome addition to our clientele,  to Jimboomba and the surrounding communities.


Dr Toneya Hywood
B.Health Sc.,  M. Clin Chiro

​​ "pain is not just a symptom to be managed, but rather a body's attempt to raise awareness of underlying dysfunction".
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